11 Mar 2014

wild asparagus hunting.


One day, after a particularly large lunch at the Mulinetta, we were taken on a hunt for wild asparagus. Excitedly, and with Faelen asleep in the sling, we scoured up and down the prickly banks for the secretive shoots.  

Normally my visits are in August and the ground is burnt and golden.  Walking after lunch is certainly not advisable, instead siestas are taken, hiding from the sun behind shutters.  This time though, the ground was green, the almond trees were blossoming and we walked for an hour without breaking a sweat or blistering.

Admittedly I didn't find a single shoot.  I am painfully unobservant.  I found several twigs that for an elated moment I thought were asparagus, but ultimately not a single edible morsel.  My mother forgot her glasses, so there was no hope there - I was pretty much just impressed she was able to walk in a straight line!  Consequently my Aunt was solely responsible for the haul - all seven weedy shoots.  Perhaps in a couple months it will be more impressive!

IMG_2680 IMG_2682 IMG_2684
Hardly worth poaching an egg for.

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