12 Mar 2014

food, glorious (endless) food.

The egg on the left is from a very normal sized chicken.  Wince.

Only when visiting my Nonna could it be possible that my camera contains more photographs of food than of Faelen!  Our days there truly revolve around food.  

As we drink our morning coffee we discuss lunch.  My Nonna is a wonderful cook (I am sure it is part of the job description of an Italian Grandmother) - just look at that baccala and tomato stew below.  But if we aren't working out what to buy from the market, we are working out how best to coordinate transport to the chosen restaurant.
As we eat lunch we discuss wine and menus, chefs and cooks, and reminisce about favourite meals and lunch time companions from previous years.  
After lunch, we briefly comment how we never need eat again before figuring out whether or not we will need bread to go with the cheese and greens planned for supper.  
After supper, it would be churlish not to have a small slice of cake or a square of dark chocolate with hazelnuts.
Then as we sit by the fire in the evening, it is time to discuss what we might do for food tomorrow - after all, it is good to be prepared.

Weed salad - dandelion and chicory leaves amongst others to be steamed and served with oil and lemon juice.
IMG_2652 IMG_2659 IMG_2667 
Baccala - mounds of salt cod

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  1. oh my goodness. this is truly how life ought to be lived. when i retire, i hope to have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren like your baby boy to cook for, endlessly.