9 Mar 2014

four generations, one roof and a bidet.


I am back from Italy.  Last week was wonderful and exhausting in equal measures.  Travelling with a baby was an insane juggling act, which without my mother around to carry coats, organise passports and buy pizzette, I don't know how I would have managed.  Not to mention her saving the day from the attempted car-seat theft palaver (turns out I am not too proud to still shout mum very loudly in an airport in times of crisis).

I feel so lucky to have had a week of four generations under one roof.  My Nonna sang Faelen Piedmontese drinking songs and tickled his chubby belly for hours.  And, perfectly, Faelen smiled every time he spied her.  We had time to read, to sit by the fire in the evenings and talk, to drink coffee and to eat more cheese than I thought possible.  It was a bubble of family time uninterrupted by the real world, jobs and to do lists.  


It is good to be home again though.  Back to James helping with the night duties and, because I am just that exciting, back to having a washing machine (travelling with a babe and only hand-luggage is madness)!  

And, to finish on my favourite picture of the week.  Below is Faelen enjoying bathtime in the bidet, a long honoured family tradition for all babies descended from the Fenoglio name!


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  1. so much cute! i can only imagine how happy your nana is that you brought him to her for a visit!