19 Mar 2014

spring in the cemetary (not that the child would know it).


Hard to believe but we have actually had a couple days on which it has not rained.  In South West England.  I know right?  And like all who have lived their lives in the south west, no rain is the sign of a glorious day which cannot be spent inside.  

James and I went for a stroll around Arnos Vale.  Turns out spring is already happening.  I had one of those I can't believe how quickly time is flying moments whilst walking.  I mean, we have now lived in Bristol for six months.  We left Cardiff nine months ago.  Our newborn baby is four months old.  This picture was taken a year ago and the Primroses are out.  Just what the heck?!   

That said it really was a lovely walk.  I walk here with Faelen often but I have my suspicions he has not yet seen it, he is usually asleep within ten paces of leaving our front door.

IMG_2758 IMG_2767 IMG_2760 IMG_2769


  1. I shall have to come explore this beautiful place with you, it looks enchaunting... even if baby boy doesn't know it yet!xx

    1. Yes, indeed you shall. Perhaps by then baby boy might stay awake long enough to enjoy it with us :) xx

  2. Nothing quite like the first signs of spring, primroses and a gloriously over-grown and lushously green English cemetry! (So unlike the drab and dreary ones we've got out here!)