18 Mar 2014

imaginopolis and playing with typography.

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When I was about 8 years old, Father Christmas bought me a computer CD called Creative Writer.  It was a word processor set in the Imaginopolis - an improbably tall building with many levels, each for a different writing skill.  
On the first floor was story writing - the resident Mr McZee provided hilarious prompts (well, to the average eight year old) for story writing inspiration on topics as diverse and mature as monsters, bogies and underpants.  
My favourite was the third floor - the poster floor.  McZee provided fonts and templates to make the ultimate poster.  I spent a long time designing posters and invitations for the penny sales I would host (selling particularly shiny conkers, my 'art' and other junk found around my bedroom) for the family to peruse.  
The real challenge was to use as many fonts as possible on a single page!

Sadly, these days I host fewer penny sales so I have to think of new ways to channel my inner Imaginopolis!


So I had a play at typographical drawing.  This is a quote from my mother.  If you ever mention the words deja vu, unfailingly she will add all over again.  And then laugh.  Every. Time.  

IMG_2919 IMG_2922