20 Mar 2014

lino carved letter writing paper.


Having got a bit excited about hand stamped letter writing paper a couple weeks ago, I couldn't get the idea out my head.  I have always loved sets of writing paper; my pocket money (and later my student loan) was often spent on packs of beautiful papers with matching envelopes and, if I was very lucky, coordinated stickers.  

I suffer from postal vanity - too often I run out of paper or envelopes and A4 printer paper with plain white business envelopes lack that magic.  
So whilst sat at the table in the dining room last week, with Faelen finally dozing upstairs in his cot (seriously, breakthrough!) I started doodling an idea for writing paper.  I wanted something with a cute motif and slightly wobbly lines, something a bit rough and ready but still special.  I wanted my perfect personalised writing paper.  And this idea was born.


A couple of lovely evenings chatting with James, drinking tea and listening to the radio with a lino carver in hand and it turned out just how I imagined.  Is it smug to say, I am thrilled with it? The magic porridge pot of unending writing paper!  Now I am just waiting for nap time to draw out some matching envelopes.


  1. J'adorrrrrrre!
    Can we be penfriends please?!! This is simply gorgeous!

    1. Why yes! That is a marvellous idea! Email me your address? xx