24 Mar 2014

me, him and mondays.


Monday again.  Faelen's face says it all.
(Actually, that face was in response to my singing, but never mind).  

March (5)

Mondays, in my new life as a SAHM, are a funny thing.  Mondays used to be the start of a long week of early mornings, placement, studying and essay writing that stretched out in front of me.  Now Mondays much resemble the previous day and the day before that - Faelen hasn't exactly grasped the concept of a lie-in yet!  
What Mondays do mean for me though is that the visitors have returned home, James is back at work and the house is once more just for me and Faelen.  After a busy weekend I am always slightly grateful for the peace of Monday (although, I should clarify, Mondays would be so much better if James didn't have to go back to work.  For a start I really could do with a cup of tea right about now)!

I never achieve a lot on a Monday, nor do I aim to, instead Mondays are a day for donkey shoes, gumming toys, ignoring laundry and snuggling on the sofa.  

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  1. OMG his face in the top photo - your singing must be pretty bad! lol ;) Can't believe how much he has grown!