17 Mar 2014

boba-wrap baby-wearing.


Having read this article I was talking with another new mum I know through the NCT about the rubbish that expectant parents are convinced they need and the things that we couldn't do without.

For me, the best thing we bought was the Boba Wrap.  It is no secret that I love baby wearing.  Whenever I leave the house, Faelen is permanently strapped to my front.  There is something so special about having my cuddly radiator snugged into my chest as we walk in the cold.  I can hear him breathe, snore and snuffle against me as he sleeps.  When he is awake he stares up at my face with those huge blue eyes and talks endlessly at me - I can only guess what about.

I am always asked how my back is holding up but my beautiful chunky boy now weighs over a stone and I still wear him daily without difficulty (in fact it has probably helped speed up my slow progression back towards my pre-pregnancy shape).  Simply put, I get endless enjoyment from being able to share the outdoors with him.


Below are a handful of pictures from my first fretful days of wearing the Boba Wrap - it took me a good week before I was comfortable wearing it without clutching Faelen just in case


[In case you're interested, the one thing we could have really done without was a very well meaning gift - a kit to take an impression of your baby's hand print.  In principle a lovely idea but getting a newborn with scrunched up fists to make an imprint is basically impossible - we are now the proud owner of a fist print and some kind of splodgy dent].


  1. You both look as happy as can be using this snuggly wrap, I have heard a fair few friends talk about them, I will make sure to pass the message on as it looks fabulous for bonding, snuggling and still being able to use your hands! I hate it that there is so much pressure to buy buy buy buy so that you can be 'the best mum'. To be the best mum just carry on as you are, the little dude has so much love, stimulation and attention and no amount of possesions could ever come close to the richness of the love you have provided him with. Sorry, that was a bit mushy really. I'm just jolly impressed by your parenting and ability to maintain blogging!!!

    1. The Boba is a magical baby tool, I would recommend it to all.
      I love your mushiness - thank you so much. I feel 'jolly impressed' might be undeserved today - but I appreciate it awfully nonetheless :) xxxxx