27 Feb 2014

hand stamped letter sets.


Saying I like getting post feels a little redundant, it is a little like saying I like chocolate or holidays.  Who doesn't?  But I also love sending post.  I have a compulsion that means I never leave an arts/crafts/tourist shop without at least one new card to add to my just in case collection.  

I have recently started writing to an old friend again.  We met in an airport when I was 16 and we wrote on and off for several years but then life, new friendships and relationships got in the way for both of us and the letters tapered off and texting just seemed peasier.  Then a couple months ago I got a letter in the post, a bundle of office papers with that familiar text scrawled all over and I got that same thrill leafing through the pages, composing my reply in my head as I read.

I started my reply on a card but then the letters spilled out onto pages torn out from a .55p cheapo reporters notepad found somewhere in the depths of my desk.  It looked pretty...scabby?  So once I returned from the post office I got cracking on a new project - hand stamped letter writing paper!


The supplies came from Love Sprouts - home of the nicest supplies and some of the most incredible hand carved stamps.  

I carved the stamps over a couple evenings using lino carving tools and then used VersaCraft stamping inks to stamp the pages of a PaperChase letter writing paper and matching envelopes.  The clouds are my favourite, they were so simple to carve and the silvery blue is just light enough to enable scrawling over the top without it interfering with the legibility.  

IMG_2441 IMG_2440 IMG_2443


  1. These are so gorgeous - I'm a big fan of the elephant and giraffe! You've certainly got me and my crafting friend very inspired with this project!
    You should put some handmade letter sets for sale in your shop! xx

    1. It was too much fun to do - in all honesty, I am going to have to get more people to send post to with the amount of stamped letter paper I have made! Only slightly tragic...! xx