1 Mar 2014

#100happydays - days one to ten.

Since Faelen's arrival my computer is bursting at its electrical seams with pictures of his chubby cheeks.  No pictures of weather, walks, insects, food (or even James!) feature in my life - all have been dismissed as unimportant compared to the marvel that is my baby (and quite reasonably I feel).

Recently though I have started to really notice the absence of these moments - this blog might soon need to be renamed from tea for bohemia to look I made a baby

So when I heard of the #100happydays challenge it seemed like a reasonable way to try and flex those mindful muscles!  Two years ago I completed a 365 photography project and I still feel pretty proud flicking through that photobook - so whilst 365 photos is a little out of my reach currently, 100 pictures might be manageable.  My personal goal is to strive to at least take a couple pictures that aren't of Faelen (but I make no promises).

(I am completing this on twitter as @jaibess, if anyone else is trying this, please link me - I'd love to see)!

Day 1 - being treated to breakfast
Day 2 - 'why yes I have been awake since 5am but your suggestion of a nap is still laughable'
Day 3 - new wool for a new project (and the money off voucher certainly helped the happy)
Day 4 - family swimming makes me indescribably happy (and baby swim trunks make my ovaries ache!)
Day 5 - a trip to Windmill Hill city farm to show our (admittedly sleeping) baby the gorgeous chickens
Day 6 - tea and laughing at this photobooth picture (babe could not be convinced to look at the camera)
Day 7 - the first daffodil in the garden!
Day 8 - wholesome family board games - luckily pictures don't capture the swearing or sulking
Day 9 - my newly printed cards all wrapped up lovely!
Day 10 - my (finally) sleeping coffee shop companion

IMG_2346 7
8 9

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  1. What a simple, but fantastic idea. I love finding new ways to appreciate (and document) life's small pleasures, which can easily pass by unnoticed. xx