9 Nov 2013

printing in oils for a mackerel supper.


James is on call this weekend so the weekend, much like the week, is quiet.  And we are still eagerly awaiting this baby to make his appearance.  

I have used the time to fall in love with oil based lino printing inks.  After the postman arrived conveniently at the crack of dawn, I spent the morning getting my fingers stained in blues and greys and watching my carved designs appear on paper in a way I had previously only hoped they would.  The difference between the blotchy gloop of water based inks and the tight crispness of the oils is unbelievable.  The hum of the radio whilst burnishing the thin Japanese paper against the lino and watching the image appear proved hypnotic and, for once, my day ran away with me.  It was blissful.

The lighting has been terrible all day due to endless rain clouds, so I only have a couple pictures of one print to share for now, but I hope to be able to photograph the rest tomorrow.  
I wish you all a cosy Saturday evening :)



  1. What beautiful prints! And your weevil sketches elsewhere were gorgeous too!
    I did some lino printing with my sister a very long time ago and found it wonderfully therapeutic - seeing your creations makes me eager to have another go!

  2. Thank you :) it is incredibly therapeutic, a bit like a creative version of bubble-wrap/wall-paper-stripping. It is so easy to lose hours doing it! x