11 Nov 2013

a long-distance guided tour.


After posting a few pictures of Bristol a couple weeks ago, I got a comment from the lovely Fran, a previous Bristolian now living in France (and who takes the most incredible pictures), listing some of her favourite things from her time in Bristol.  James and I pencilled down names and places and were escorted, long distance, on a guided tour of our city.




Mostly I forgot to take pictures, I was just enjoying spending time walking in the cold with James.  I think it might almost be mitten weather :)  
Thank you Fran for the Gloucester Road Tour (as it is now fondly known), we had a lovely day.


  1. ...I haven't been online for ages, and then I find this lovely surprise! How exciting to have taken you on a guided tour of Bristol without even knowing it!

    I'm glad to hear you had such a special day together, and if I'm not mistaken, to have had a cuppa in La Ruca? XXX

    ps: you've inspired me into writing a post about Brizzle too!

    1. It was a perfect tour and you are correct - tea and spiced apple pastries at La Ruca to finish was certainly a highlight! Genuinely, thank you so much :) xx

  2. You're very, very welcome!
    (Even if this has made me miss Brizzle even more! I might have to come visit Bristol town next time I'm in the UK!) xx

    1. Well - how could you not return here?! Do you visit the UK often? although I'm not sure I could leave mountains as pretty as those....xx

    2. I haven't set a foot in Bristol since I graduated last summer. But the easiest, cheapest and quickest way back to the UK for me is to fly via Bristol. Sadly, it's not so good for the environment though! I'm hoping to come sometime next Spring - I still have uni friends in Bristol and my siblings live in Penarth and Abergavenny so it's convenient to catch up with them too.
      Yes, these mountains are very pretty....but at the end of Winter we all tend to have an attack of Cabin Fever (or rather "Valley fever"!) and so we try to get away for a little bit whilst we wait for the Spring to arrive! xx