6 Nov 2013

radio silence.


sorry for the silence, still no baby just a lot of fatigue and sleepy days.  We had a false alarm on Sunday night, seven hours of painful cramping and a rock solid stomach that felt so promising all ceased at five in the morning leaving me tired and without having met baby.  Since then frustration of waiting has stepped up a notch, every morning I wake just hoping that today is the day.
so I shall continue with the raspberry leaf tea, the spicy curries and the wishful thinking a little while longer. 

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  1. Oh goodness, what anxious times! Just found your sweet blog and excited that you have a life-changing addition just moments away from being added to your life :) And uber impressed with how organized that diaper drawer is!

    1. Thank you :) anxious and excited are truly the buzz words of this house right now! It feels very surreal. I am sure however the drawer won't look so organised once he makes his appearance! x

  2. Sorry to hear there have been a few more anxious moments recently.
    Hoping all goes well from now on in...and that the little one makes an appearance very soon!