13 Nov 2013

officially overdue.

due date 3

Officially overdue but remembering to enjoy these last moments that are just for James and I.  
Tea drunk at five in the morning when bump insomnia becomes too much.  
Another growth scan, which despite stressful, let us see our baby's hair and long legs.
These final evenings in which we are still able to cook together.
A nighttime ritual of chamomile tea (for me) and reading in bed cosy quiet.
The final few days I can eat half a baguette and peanut butter in one sitting and hide the swollen stomach behind the bump!

due date 5


  1. can't wait to meet this baby

  2. Reading this, now I understand why in French they say "waiting for a baby" instead of "expecting"! I remember the waiting for the arrival of all my nieces and nephews, it was hard enough being just the aunty...let alone the mama!

    All the best to you both in these final moments of pregnancy! xx

    1. I am replying to this with a hiccuping baby sat on my knee, it is funny how long ago the waiting feels already! Although I agree with the French, it is certainly waiting not expecting, expecting implies something a little more patient! Thank you for the thought xx