14 Oct 2013

the sofa-side theatre.

What with baby due to make an appearance in approximately four weeks, I feel like every last moment James and I have as just a twosome should be made the most of.  However, the downside of baby being due to make an appearance in approximately four weeks means finances aren't exactly...abundant!  Baby may only be 12 inches crown to rump (so says my baby book) but even his limited wardrobe is probably worth twice that of mine.

So this weekend I decided to treat James to a Friday night date night without leaving the home.  Welcome to the sofa-side theatre...

Theatre Night 5

...inclusive of a pre-theatre menu, which extravagantly included tapas (totally not just because it was nearly past its sell-by-date in Sainsburys)...

Theatre Night

...and expert stage lighting (finally the fairy lights got delivered).

Theatre Night 2

At the sofa-side theatre even the bar drinks and snacks are affordable!

Theatre Night 4

And finally the big performance.
We tried to get tickets for this tour both times it came round - who doesn't love a musical, and one with Tim Minchin?  To good to be true!  But the tickets were nearly £80 a pop both times, so a DVD and a doodled ticket was an affordable alternative.


(At the sofa-side theatre you are guaranteed the best seats in the house)

I love an indoor date night :)