15 Oct 2013

exploring bristol and finding new favourites.


Having somewhere new to explore at the weekends is too exciting.  Finding a new coffee shop to claim as our favourite coffee shop, exploring the hundreds of galleries and free exhibitions before we have to consider a crying baby, trying all the bakeries to find our new staple sourdough loaf; these last few Autumnal weekends are passing by all too quickly.

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  1. Coffee shops in Bristol! What bliss!

    Have you been to La Ruca on Gloucester Road yet? It's also a little Organic shop - they serve awesome cake and it's a great place to practice your Spanish!

    1. I haven't been but I now have their website open on another tab - it looks awesome! I think that might be our Friday morning date once James is done at work. Although pref without having to practice my Spanish, it was always my worst subject at school! x