11 Oct 2013

fridays, feathers, babies.

Magpie Feather
Magpie Feathers

Happy Friday all.  And it does feel like a happy Friday.  During the week my days are fairly indistinguishable from one another but come Friday I know that James is heading back and we get a whole weekend together.  Fairylights arrived in the post this morning, the sofa is covered in blankets and, listening to the rain outside, I feel pretty snugly!  A good start to the weekend.
In other news, we found out that the first of the couples from our NCT group have had their baby.  It is the start of the strangest countdown of my life; which couple will be next?  And is it wrong to place bets?  I have a feeling as more babies appear, this waiting malarkey will get harder!

Buzzard 3
Buzzard Feather

Woodpecker Feather 1
Woodpecker Feather

An unidentifiable feather (any ideas)?

Anyhoo, these photos are of the feathers currently residing in a wine glass on the dresser.  I am trying to figure out how best to display them in the house; maybe a narrow top vase or a box frame?  Either way, how wonderful are those woodpecker feathers?  Polka dot feathers have to be the neatest thing ever.

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