25 Oct 2013

further wonky sewing, peg-bags and baby-hangers.


Today involved a growth scan for baby boy; not only is he growing as he should be but he is actually a little on the large side!  As both James and I are fairly small people this was a very exciting piece of news.  Well done baby boy.  I even got to see his little squishy face on the ultrasound.  It was pretty cute and, well, squishy looking!

After being in and out of the hospital what feels like a million times, I have been appreciating an afternoon in the house tinkering with the sewing machine.  Today's slightly wonky creations are these peg bags; I drew the pattern using instructions from Josie Crafter.  As even I managed to follow the steps error-free, I would recommend them!  Whilst not the most exciting project, it is nice to make something a little bit practical for once and it is a pretty neat way to use some of the million baby-clothes hangers I have ended up with. I really hate throwing that much plastic away.

Peg Bag

Peg Bag 3
Apologies for the horrendous quality outdoors picture - my phone was not appreciating the cloud cover.

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