28 Oct 2013

starting to look a lot like autumn.


I have tried this year to not be one of those people that is constantly surprised at the passage of time, but, seriously - the last week of October?  I genuinely don't know when this happened.  I actually found chestnuts on a walk the other day - not big ones, but chestnuts nonetheless.  For the most part I don't actually mind the weeks slipping by but I am a little disappointed that I have had a post in my drafts folder with sea pictures that I have meant to post forever (well, since July) and now I think I have to accept their time has gone!

Bristol is still deceptively green for October especially when you compare it to this picture


taken at the same time last year.  That really was a golden October.  

That is not to say that this one is any less beautiful though...

IMG_0354 IMG_0351 IMG_0342 IMG_0340 IMG_0287 IMG_0291 IMG_0293

Looking back through old photographs always makes my mind wander.  Last October, playing in the leaves instead of writing my dissertation, I couldn't have predicted that this October I would be quite so hugely pregnant.  And by next October I will be sharing the season with a nearly one year old child who I can't even begin to imagine!  Reading this Autumnal post on Fritha's blog made me very excited for this future.

Also, I lied, I couldn't let all my seaside pictures go to waste...

IMG_4732 IMG_4750

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