24 Oct 2013

pregnancy // the last haul, 37 weeks.

37 weeks

So bump and I are nearing the end of this time, baby boy is officially at term.  Clearly we could still be in this together for a few more weeks but it is a nice thought that I could be meeting him any day now.  

Baby boy started his 37th week with a bit of drama and a scare.  Firstly I must prefix this story with - everything is absolutely fine
See, this bump is a night time bunny, every time I lie down to go to sleep he starts his break-dance routine in style.  Sunday night however was different, he barely shifted position.  Throughout the night I became more and more aware of his silence.  By the time James' alarm went off at 5:30am Monday morning, I hadn't felt him move for almost 10 hours and I was a crying mess trying to explain to James that I thought something was wrong. 
James was perfect, he phoned the midwives to ask them what to do, then phoned his work to let them know he wouldn't be in.  The Bristolian Midwives are wonderful, Bristol is the place to be for pregnant people; they reassured James at length, told him to make me tea and toast first, then to make our way over.  

We drove in through the inner-city traffic, both trying to be calm, reassuring one another.  The twenty minute wait in the hospital felt eternal.  Eventually the midwife called my name and bump was strapped into the monitors.  There was a lurching few seconds where she was unable to find a heartbeat then bump clearly decided enough was enough and he was bored of being quiet.  What followed was a slightly embarrassing 30 minutes of monitoring - bump moved so much the straps barely stayed in position and the sensors couldn't keep track of his heart beat.  The midwife commented she had never tracked a baby quite so active during one of these appointments.  During the scan of the umbilical (checking it is receiving adequate bloodflow) he actually did a 360 spin.  A full turn.  It took forever.  I struggled to stop tearing-up through the whole thing; tiredness, hormones and overwhelming relief and gratitude.

Baby boy is fine, he is well and healthy, he is developing normally.  We are so lucky.  

37 weeks 2


  1. so lovely! best of luck on the rest of the pregnancy journey! happy and healthy are the best things one can wish for!

    1. Thank you :) it is funny how even a mild shake-up reinforces how happy and healthy are all you really crave and need.

  2. It must feel kinda strange now the end is in sight...?
    Wishing you both all the very best "pour la suite" ("for what comes next")

    1. so strange I can't explain! It feels like it has been such an eternity that an ending is beyond comprehension yet I am equally desperate for & terrified by the next bit..a strange mix of thoughts! Thank you for the luck :)
      also, the photographs on your blog are wonderful. I think I would trade in Bristol for green mountains! xx