16 Oct 2013

autumnal pickings and comfort foods.


James is working nights at the moment, so aside from the 10 minutes or so in which he is awake to engulf breakfast/dinner on his way in/out the door, my days are quite solitary.  I seem to be spending a lot of my time thinking about food at the moment.  We have been getting our vegetable boxes from Riverford Organics again, so am having to become more inventive with seasonal veg I don't typically buy whilst eagerly trying to ready the freezer for the impending arrival of baby boy.
Luckily my mum is wonderful and keeps informing me of things she has stocked up on at the markets for us (savoury crumbles and a whole carrot cake 'for the visitors'), giving me the freedom to think of more and more inventive ways of using the endless carrots we are currently inundated with!

I enthusiastically recommend this recipe for Lentil & Squash Bake with a Cheesy Potato Topping from Waitrose as a mean way of using up a tonne of Autumnal veggies.  I followed the recipe pretty much as is except I replaced the tinned tomatoes with some big ol' fresh tomatoes that were going over.  It is a wonderful, heart warming dish and very conveniently makes one for dinner and one for the freezer.  
There are no pictures of this supper because we simply sat and ate it.


Finally, I have also discovered (which makes it sound more impressive than 'I am a terribly irritating passenger in the car when we are in a hurry') the East Bristol Bakery which sells perfect seeded sourdough loaves.  I have stowed one away in the freezer to make sure those early breakfasts post-baby are catered for in style.  
I may not have prepared for the homebirth yet but I like to think that I have my priorities sorted.

IMG_0555 IMG_0552


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  2. Yum! I shall have to try that pumpkin recipe once we start getting a bit more autumnal produce down at the farmer's market. Summer came very late out here this year, and we're still wallowing in a glut of tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes! I like to make the most of it while I can because the cabbage season can tend to drag on a long time! (Talking of which, I never quite understood why my Riverfood veg box seemed to arrive with a cabbage no matter what time of year!!) xx

    1. Oh my gosh, still?! I wish that was the case here - after this summer I didn't think it would be possible but actually already missing the courgettes! Whilst I love the pumpkins, sadly Riverford and the markets have already reached cabbage season - two weeks in and the novelty is already starting to wear off! So please, go and enjoy a tomato or two for me! xx

  3. that loaf of sourdough bread looks absolutely delicious! i'd love to have that with any of my soups!