30 Aug 2013

blackberry pickers' paradise.


I am still without access to a computer but, quite smugly, I have figured I can upload photos straight to Flickr from my phone.  Here, unedited, are moments from my morning, proving unequivocally that August is coming to an end and that Autumn is just waiting to pounce.

I cannot believe how many blackberries there are this year, most of them are so bloated that they just crumble under my fingers as soon as I touch them.  Every morning when I take the dogs out I pick and pick until either the pot is full or the dogs get too bored and start whining, I have come nowhere close to clearing the crop.  This morning I walked with my mother and we picked over a kilo in ten minutes - the poor freezer is groaning at the seams.

My fingers are stained purple and my arms are covered in scratches, I know deep down we don't need any more blackberries, yet I know that tomorrow morning, like every morning, I won't be able to resist their sugary lure!

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  1. A good blackberry haul is always a great feeling. They're so expensive to buy, which makes picking them for free even more satisfying :)

    1. The supermarkets aren't even trying to sell them around here - they would be laughed out of town! x