2 Sep 2013

Dear baby boy; at the end of the second trimester...

Dear Bump, you and I have officially entered the third trimester.  I thought the second trimester would last an eternity; starting out with  nothing but a flat(ish) tummy and a grainy picture to prove you existed, but wow I was wrong.  The weeks have flown and you have achieved so much!
IMG_9919 IMG_9910
You are no longer just bump but you have earned the grand title of baby-boy-bump (how it irritates your grandparents that they do not know your name yet).  You wake me up every morning with your wiggling and I fall asleep watching my tummy pulsate under your kicking.  On good days I get to enjoy a post-lunch wriggle as well.  Every day you grow a bit more and my waistband digs in just a little further; I am entering the dangerous zone of exclusive legging wearing!  I know I have a long way to grow yet but I still marvel at how my reflection has changed when I catch sight of myself in shop windows or car doors.
For me the second trimester has been easy and straightforwards; I have been happy and healthy and only missing brie and wine a little bit!  As we have been getting closer to the third stage of this pregnancy I have been more tired but with my family all around, I have been spoilt with more cups of tea than I will ever be able to repay.

Well done baby-boy-bump, keep up the good work!
And, oh my gosh, I am so excited to meet you.

(NB: I am back in the world of the laptop, sadly without photoshop (boo) but back nonetheless)


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    1. You will regret that when I move onto your sofa and demand an excess of tea :) xx