21 Aug 2013

Behind the scenes at the Farmers' Market.


Since living back with my parents I have been helping out (aka eating my way round the different stands) at one of the weekly farmers' markets.  
I love reading the blog posts of those visiting Farmers' Markets; the colours and range of local produce make taking a bad photograph nearly impossible but from behind the stand, it is slightly less picturesque; think more freezer boxes and plastic bags.



On the plus side we get the ringside seat for people watching.  
Every Wednesday there is the woman in her seventies who buys just four ravioli for her supper and the woman who almost clears the stand buying three meals worth of pasta every week for her family of five.  There are the umm-ers and ahh-ers who coo over the pasta for a long time and buy nothing.  There are the artsy (potentially blogger) types who awkwardly take photographs before feeling obliged to buy a portion of pappardelle. 
Then we move onto ultimate people watching - I won last week with this entry:


yes, that is a dog dressed in a golfing outfit.  Only the cap is visible here but he was also wearing a charming argyle sweater!


Main job perk? Our stand is opposite the sushi and tempura prawn stand.  Win.


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