22 Aug 2013

Overcoming SSS (second sock syndrome).


I had bad second sock syndrome (SSS) with this pair.  I knitted the first one about five months ago and was half way through the second sock (a feat in itself - I have a tendency to give myself a sock-break which becomes a sock-gap-year and ultimately results in one lonely sock) when I lost one of my double pointed needles.  I kept meaning to order a replacement needle but something always distracted me at the crucial, button clicking needle ordering moment.  


Then serendipity struck, James found the needle on the floor of the car.  My second sock could make it into the world.  I sat down to begin but, being a bit of an amateur knitter, I couldn't remember where I had got to on the pattern.  What ensued was a sulk of epic proportions, lasting about a month with the half-finished second sock sat sadly on the shelf (just look at that alliteration).

IMG_9860Yesterday however I put my sulk aside and spent time with my book, my second sock and google.  We made it!  They are so super snuggly it made it all worthwhile - now just to wait for autumnal, thick sock wearing weather.


If you are interested these socks were knitted on DPNs using the basic sock pattern from this book here.