19 Aug 2013

Farmyard fun; the Mid-Somerset Show and a new addition to the household.


Sunday was the big event where I come from - the Mid-Somerset Show (or locally just Shepton Show).  This is the attraction of the summer holidays.  Us South-West types flock from miles around to see award winning cows, pigs, chickens and even guinea pigs!


Or, more honestly, to sample the local cheeses and ciders (for the non-pregnant) and coo over the super cute piglets.

(those curly tails just make me melt)

There is even a dog show for the competitively inclined (little known fact - when I was about nine or ten, I took our dog, Nessie, in for one of the shows.  I came second place for the 'best bitch' award.  It took a long while for me to realise why my mother found that particular success so amusing).

This year just mum and I went (James is currently on his eighth 13 hour shift in a row - boo) and, whilst not usually one for impulse purchases, what with all the farmyard excitement we got a little carried away... please meet Feathers McGraw, the latest chicken to the flock!


Only slightly cruely, she was packaged up in a box that once contained chicken nuggets.  The box proudly proclaims 53% chicken on its side.


She is a gorgeous Blue Marran hybrid and, since being introduced to the other girls, is in a bit of a sulk.  She flew out this morning and has spent the day sitting on the wall between ours and the neighbours' garden, as though deciding which side will offer her the better future.  So I am off to bribe her with pasta and lettuce scraps...

Happy Monday! 

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