14 Aug 2013

and it's certainly not showing any sign that it is slowing...


Today I feel a bit lousy, I am on round two of antibiotics for a cruddy infection so I am currently settling myself in for a sofa day and several rounds of Buffy on Netflix (they just uploaded seasons 4-7, it cannot be helped).


But despite my sofa plans, I still had my morning runaround catching and returning chickens and, once in the top garden, I couldn't resist a moment squash and courgette hunting.  Since the summer rains have started the garden has gone into overdrive - just look at them crawling out of their beds.  They have started to invade the bed next to them and I even found one trying to climb the bean pole.

IMG_9782 IMG_9777

I sense that supper tonight will look a lot like this again:


(and I for one am not complaining).

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