12 Aug 2013

A morning with the (poultry) girls.

ginger the chicken

The animals have been having a funny morning.  Whilst these pictures of Ginger are a couple days old, this has sight is fast become part of morning routine.  Ginger literally comes and knocks/pecks on the back door until, still in my PJs, I give up on sleep and take her back up to her roost.  That top middle picture cracks me up - this is how she greets me as I swing open the door!

This morning, post-ginger-visitation, I clambered back into bed trying to recapture those last fleeting vestiges of sleep when the door went again.  I gave in, got dressed and headed to the back door.  To my surprise, not Ginger but Bunty was sat on the door step.  Clearly she was feeling left out of our special morning moment.


Ignoring my face of half-sleep, look at Bunty's face of concentration - this was shortly before she decided that indeed my fingers were a delicious looking snack (perhaps a little worm like?) and gave them a hefty peck.

We finally figured out how they escape (and I guess Bunty must have learnt from Ginger).  They are in an enclosure surrounding by netting on all four sides and on top.  They jump on top of their roost, hop from foot-to-foot in preparation then launch themselves, wings tight to their sides, through the holes in the netting.  Once through they then open their wings and glide, gently, to the ground.  Very smart for a little chicken huh?!

(all pictures taken on my phone, hence the grainy-ness).


  1. I do love chickens at home, nothing beats the eggs either!

    1. I know - a friendly face in the morning AND they supply breakfast. Win! x