16 Aug 2013

Sketchbook peeks: bats and lino carving.


This is my attempt at a speedy lino carving.  My last few lino carvings were more complicated and I just wanted to try something with crisp and clean lines.  Initially when I finished and printed this one I was really underwhelmed, so it sat in my sketchbook for a week being ignored.  Coming back to it today I don't mind it quite so much but I'm not sure I like the 'blockier' look.

Random fact about yours truly; when I had a tendency to take environmental plights to heart, especially that of the bat.  When I was ten I convinced my mother to take me to the local bat training group and I completed the two-weekends training to become a fully qualified bat worker.  As I was under 18 I technically only had the license as long as my mother was in attendance, so my new found skills were never actually put into practice, but I was pretty proud nonetheless!  I guess it was inevitable that at some point a bat feature in my lino carving attempts.


  1. i have always wanted to try this! love the blue, and the watercolory effect. great turn out :)
    CIao from Taylor @Anticipation

    1. Thank you so much :) I would really recommend trying it, it is addictive fun to do! xx