11 Aug 2013

Ten for the weekend: Italian edition

I feel I have been a little absent this week, and I entirely promise this will be the last of the Italy photos I spam this space with!  See, this week has been pretty busy and far less picturesque, so the ten (ahem-twelve) for the weekend this weekend are more moments from visiting my Nonna.  
This week has been James' first working week as a doctor and it has been a long one.  He leaves before 7am and is lucky to be back before 10pm - pretty long hours for a supposedly 9-5 job!  Whilst he has been gone I have been on a mission house hunting.  Finding two bedroom rental properties, within our budget, in Bristol turned out to be a Herculean task - but I managed it.  I have officially found us a house to live in from September 12th!  It was a little worrying handing over agency fees and the like for a house James hadn't even seen (talk about responsibility) but I wrangled us a second visit yesterday and, thank gosh, he loved it!

So I will have two months to move, settle and nest before baby boy arrives.  I think that sounds doable, right?  Now, back to enjoying our pyjama Sunday.

IMG_9505 IMG_9643
IMG_9503 IMG_9610 IMG_9552 IMG_9640 IMG_9607 IMG_9602 IMG_9592 IMG_9588 IMG_9558IMG_9512

1.  the Mulinetta 2. the sunflower fields that Umbria is full of 3. did you know that turkeys hold their breath until they go blue in order to look attractive to a mate, sexy huh! 4. umbelliferous borders 5. Monty, the worlds' cutest dog 6. the olive grove at the Mulinetta 7. ricotta stuffed, baked zucchini flowers 8. the roads around Monte Falco 9. a perfect flower display in the town square 10. the pottery that lines my Nonna's rooms 11. handsome fellows - James and my little brother - enjoying prosecco 12. the view whilst drinking my morning coffee.