30 May 2013

A birthday outing and spider appreciation time.


Oh the novelty of free time isn't going to wear off anytime soon!  These snaps are from celebrating our dear James' birthday at Longleat Safari Park (essentially the full holiday safari experience in the darkest depths of South-West England with the added bonus of a petting zoo and adventure park).    
I am a bit of a sucker for creepy crawlies (apologies to the spider-haters out there).  Growing up the porch of our house was filled with jam jars containing wee beastie friends.  Only for a few days at a time of course - all were ultimately reintegrated to garden society as I never wanted them to feel too homesick.  James however is a bit of a wuss on the bug front - he claims not to be 'afraid' but 'revolted', although I have my doubts.  So I have slowly been forcing training him into appreciating our multi-legged friends and, after a year, I am truly proud to announce that that is James' hand holding the tarantula.  And he only looked a little queasy and his voice only raised one octave - well done him!  

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