6 Jun 2013

My poor attempts to live in the present day.

Marshmallow moment

It has been hard to get pinned down to typing again when the sun is so grand and the free time ahead of me seems so endless.  And this month is a funny limbo; it is the last month in our little flat and I am slowly packing up around me as, at the end of June, James and I move back to live with my Mum for a couple months.  It is not ideal for any of us (it is a very small house) but there are certain advantages to living in a house with a garden, chickens and a veg patch instead of a third floor flat over the summer!
James is still in London for the time being and, whilst desperate to savour my every last moment in the flat, I am counting the seconds till he comes back home and then till results day and then till my second baby scan!  Oh, being mindful and not wishing time away is so tricky sometimes!

But, in the present, I am spending time with friends before I move away, drinking tea and making marshmallows.  These were made with the intention of taking these for the bonfires whilst camping this weekend, but if those naughty, sugar-coated faces are anything to go by, I sense there won't be any left!

I am so going to miss Cardiff.

17 mallow moment 2

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  1. those marshmallows look so good! have fun on your camping trip (:

    xoxo, Oleah
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