28 May 2013

So good to be back!

Hello little blog, I am so excited to be back! 
After six years of study (30+ exams, 40+ assignments, 7 houses and 1/4 of my life) I have finished my degree.  Okay, I am being a little pre-emptive, I am still waiting on results day, but for the time being I am reveling in the luxury of still being in my PJs at lunch time!  Technically this still counts as studenthood, not unemployment, until the 19th of July.


James is sadly working in London for the next few weeks but the weekends, without revision, are looking good.  (The gratuitous chicken shots are of my mum's new chuck - Ginger, the world's tamest chicken, she's just so huggable).


Okay, okay and now meet the future edition to our family...


Now a whole 16 weeks old!

The last few months have not been dull!  And it is nice to see you all again.


  1. So glad you're back. I couldn't believe it when the email came through. This is one of the few blogs I follow and it's been missed!

  2. Congrats on graduating! The new addition to the family - so exciting!

  3. Yey! Nice to have you back, and BIG congrats to the growing life, amazing! Hope you are feeling well!

    p.s. that chicken is so beautiful!(and the fellow is handsome to of course ;)

  4. I've missed your blogging! Congrats on finishing your degree and a big congrats on the new addition! Hope it all goes well.


    PS. I can only dream of weekends without study! Must feel so good to be all done.

  5. I found your blog just as you had a break, so it is glad to see you back! Congrats on finishing your degree and on the forthcoming addition to your clan :)