9 Nov 2012

The true tea for bohemia.


I am having a zen evening tonight.  It has been a long and tiring week but I am proud of myself for managing with only mild tantrums and sulking.  So I have rewarded myself; this tea flower has been saved for almost a year for such an occasion and this Friday evening, this beautiful, work-free Friday evening is finally that occasion.
In the quiet privacy of my home, in my beautiful glass tea pot, I lay the flower down, waited for the freshly boiled water to cool just enough, gently poured the water over the green bud and waited in blissful, non-library silence for my tea to brew, watching it slowly unfurl.  Then, with the sense of reverence that can only be attributed to waiting for a year for a single cup of tea, I drank the lot.

I love nights in.

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