7 Nov 2012

Welcome to my (new) humble abode.


So welcome to my new home.  Both glamorous and bleak, dramatic and depressing, this Cardiff University's science library.  See, my second dissertation proposal, after approximately a million hours of work (give or take a few hundred hours), got rejected this afternoon so I have now had to take up a permanent residence in the library. 
Don't get me wrong, it is spacious but I do generally prefer a more homely feel.  And okay, whilst the heating may be free, the seating in poor and the neighbours... well let's just say, one of them is a sniffer with an aversion to tissues.  Need I say more?  
Who knows when I may return to an actual bed/sofa/hotwater bottle - for now I am like Matilda's Bruce Bogtrotter and I have an awful lot of cake left to get through.

Sulky?  Who me?


  1. Can I just tell you, I LOVE your Matilda reference....totally made my day.

    1. Haha thank you! And heck, at least in the end good ol' Brucey is triumphant (if a little icky)! xx

  2. That is a gorgeous library!
    You are amazing for referencing Matilda!!
    Best of luck!! Sorry you're having a hard go of it :/

    1. Thank you :) I know, at least the library is beautiful right? A shabby library would be too tragic! xx