8 Oct 2012

From homeward bound.

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This weekend was a pretty cosy kind of adventure - I finally got time to go visit my family back in the Shire.  I really just don't get to go back as often as I would like.  As much as I have loved living in Cardiff, I am increasingly aching to leave, I have lived here for far too long now and I am missing the fields and space of Somerset.  As James starts applying for jobs this week, I am feeling both excited and apprehensive about how little time we have left here - who knows where we will be living this time next year? We could be settling anywhere from Cornwall to Scotland, it is odd to think that we have a home somewhere that doesn't know we are coming.
Anyway, this weekend I went to the Farmer's Market in order to stand proudly behind the Jazz Hand's Pasta stand where, admittedly, I didn't so much help as just eat all the tasters.   I also spent a disgusting amount of time curled up on the world's best sofa, drinking good wine and basking in the glow of the wood-burning stove.  There is nothing like a visit home!

I took so many photos over the weekend, in between bursts of rain (this is England after all) the light was just perfect.  Despite being without a grownup camera at the moment, I feel the Nokia is doing pretty darn well for such a little mite!
Finally, I just wanted to share this incredible find - I recently stumbled accross a blog called I have something to tell you by a very talented photographer.  She has a marvellous weekly feature called 'Free Curve Friday', some of the curves she has made for photoshop are incredible.  I'd really suggest playing with them a while, I think my favourite is 'Old Postcards'.

Happy Monday :)


  1. These are beautiful photos. I love the snail!

  2. Your photos are amazing! They make me want to go to the farmer's market and have a picnic after! I just found your blog and I absolutely adore it! I can't wait to read more!!

    Your Newest Follower,


    1. Aww, thank you! If I can inspire picnic cravings then my job here is done!! I just checked out your blog - I love your bug collections, I am super impressed/jealous! x

  3. Oh my gosh that little snail! So cute!