5 Oct 2012

A slightly lazy post.

I have so many things I wanted to share today (including the world's best post-it notes) but sadly it will all have to wait for another day.  See, after hours and hours of work and preparation, my dissertation project proposal has been rejected at the last possible hour.  I am now required to do two months worth of work in a week in order to meet the submission deadline, urgh.  So I can only treat you to a lazy post today instead of the one I had planned; this is one that has been on the back burner for such an occasion.

These are the pictures I took on my Diana Mini camera whilst visiting my Nonna over the summer.  The top picture is in the olive grove that my Nonna and Nonno planted when they first moved to Umbria, now inherited by my Aunt.  Each autumn they hand pick every olive then take them to a local press, resulting in the most incredible, peppery olive oil I have ever tasted.  The rest of the photographs were taken in my Nonna's new town, during our many explorations to drink coffee or beer or eat mountains of gelato.

Getting these back from the chemist was wonderful; that moment of not knowing what the package might hold and then finding memories that weren't present in the clean, crisp photographs of the digital camera.  Somehow these have captured the dream like magic of the summer perfectly.

CNV00005 CNV00024 CNV00021 CNV00019 CNV00014 CNV00012 CNV00009 CNV00008

So folks, thank you for bearing with me on this one and hopefully after this weekend I will have made up for some lost time and can return to normality.  For now though I am going to make myself some strong coffee...hope you all have lovely weekends :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! They have such a happy mood.