15 Oct 2012

Adventuring in spite of bunnies.


This weekend really was another beaut.  It had been a long week and I was feeling a little zombified to say the least, all I really wanted to do was curl up and sleep for an age.  However, as weekends are more precious than truffles, this was not permitted and I was bundled grumpily into the car (with a mug of tea).  As always, it was totally worth the effort, I think it is far too easy to stagnate at weekends and then the limited time that belongs purely to you is simply wasted.

The day after the circus was spent with one of my favourite people who has recently started lodging in the house of a lovely couple, who (...wait for it...) own bunny rabbits!  As you can imagine, a huge amount of time was spent stroking twitching velveteen noses whilst singing the 'run rabbit' song.  Oh and just look at those massive paddy paws!  It was warm, furry bliss.  When eventually torn away, we explored his new home town on one of those perfectly bracing, sunny cold days; we drank scorching coffee and bought a purple cauliflower and red pears, shopping for food by colour is perfectly acceptable right?  I always love visiting new towns but it is especially important to start scouting out the good farmer's markets and cafes now - who knows where I could be living in a year!







Weekends are just made for bunnies, sunshine, board games and markets.


  1. Oh my gosh!! That bunny is TOO cute!! Look at his big feet! This looks like such a relaxing weekend, your pictures are lovely :D

  2. What an adorable bunny! I never thought I would see the Severn Bridge on someones blog! Haha I live just a few minutes from it xx


    1. Haha that's amazing, nice to meet a local! I do love the Severn Bridge (a strange love affair), it is always so pretty :) xx