14 Oct 2012

Songs for October.

These are a few of my October songs, listened to on an endless repeat a horrendous number of times.  For me, October has been dominated by music from jazzier roots; for years I used to loathe this type of music as it just felt like white noise but James has slowly changed my musical loves so much.  He has played the saxophone for several bands over the years and consequently has slowly water-tortured me into expanding my musical horizons!   
This playlist has been my perfect 'time for a quick morning boogie and coffee' playlist, please feel free to do the same, I guarantee a good mood will follow.    

Happy Sunday all :)


  1. Hahaha "water tortured". I know how you feel, my boyfriend is a DJ and I used to say "all of your music sounds the same!" because club music is so repetitive. But, these days, I kind of get that it's just a different way of listening.

    I gave these a listen and I like them a lot!!

    1. Haha, yup, and after so long moaning about the music he listens to it feels hard to back down again! But, yes - a different way of listening is it exactly. Thank you :) I really do love these tracks now, just don't tell James!