17 Oct 2012

A strange dedication to a purple cauliflower.

Please do not judge me but it is true, this blog post is entirely for the purple cauliflower.  I was going to wait and include it on the general food-based post but it was so pretty I figured it deserves a moment all to itself.  What an absurd vegetable.  (Also I got home waaay too late to try and take veg box pictures and these were just waiting on my phone for usage).  It is such a fabulous colour.  I love it even more now James is slicing it ready to roast.
This picture was taken in the pre-damaged-kitchen times; it now looks like it housed a war between Blue Peter and Art Attack as yesterday was spent on a variety of Christmas based projects.  I cannot post a picture of the kitchen post-projecting, it is simply too shocking. The projects however I cannot wait to share!  A friend and I have been spending every Tuesday afternoon creating (aka experimenting) in order to give fully handmade presents this year.  I really do love Christmas but I think it is all too easy to get carried away with the need to spend lots of money; Christmas should be a stress free, happy time and worrying about money should never spoil that.  Consequently our friendship group refrains from buying each other presents and instead the money gets pooled into a Christmas dinner together, whilst my family are getting handmade gifts this year (whether or not they would have preferred a DVD - sorry guys)!


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  1. The cauliflower is so pretty and vibrant!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for your kitchen and Christmas presents!