19 Oct 2012

Thank goodness it is Friday.


I don't know about anyone else but I find this time of year so calming.  This morning, on having to face the long commute to placement, I sulkily left the house at some ungodly hour.  The morning was dark, however on stepping outside I realised it was not the endless dark of January but instead that icy crisp dark that feels somehow magical, when no one else is awake and the world belongs to you.  I sat alone at the train station drinking strong coffee, waiting for the first train of the day and watching two early-bird magpies thieving red berries.  I really could have spent all day there.

For James however I sense this may be a less calming time of year; it brings out my worst squirrel like tendencies. I have a compulsion to collect all the beautiful leaves which now line all the usable surfaces in our house.


The box was a little sparser this week, the weather this year has apparently caused endless havoc for growers this harvest time but on a lighter note those Autumn Greeting apples are some of the best I have ever eaten.  I am continuing to feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of oranges we are receiving each week, so I am getting increasingly inventive.
My advice is, if you are also struggling with oranges, firstly please make my favourite pudding ever (I'm sure I have already shared this but it is worth mentioning twice), secondly get a bit more grown up and try this recipe for an infused vodka (I am so excited to give this a go) or finally, if you have simply had enough of peeling the blighters, make some beautiful decorations for Christmas!


I am getting back to my blankets and red wine now, you have to stave off the autumnal evening chill somehow.


  1. There is something special about the way you photograph your life. I can always imagine the exact moment that you took it, as weird as that sounds lol.

    1. Oh and I like the new header!!

    2. Aww thank you and thank you! I really like that you think like that about my photographs, I think that is the best effect I could hope to have! x