4 Oct 2012

Wednesday's food and news from my tree.


My week in InstaCam makes me feel all fuzzy, I love weeks that seem to be filled with sea, sand and mini-dates with James.
Anyway, let's pretend it is Wednesday today.  It still is almost Wednesday, right?


This week has been a good week from our dear fellows at Riverford, just look at those fennel fronds.
The highlights of my foodie plans this week are:
  • This fantastically coloured hummus made with beetroots and walnuts
  • My all time favourite pasta dish from Nigella made with butternut squash and pinenuts
  • And predictably in this house, no week is complete without James making Panzanella with all the tomatoes and peppers.
WP_000510 (1)
Now, briefly before I have to actually get on with my dissertation reading, this is my tree, it lives just outside our window.  It is my seasonal clock and as the top of it has just started to turn a yellowy red,  I am proud to announce folks, that according to my tree, Autumn is beginning.

Happy Autumn.

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  1. Ah! I'm allergic to fennel! That looks like a lot of other yummy stuff though. Those are some awesome pictures :)