19 Sep 2012

Wednesdays food and a little consistency.


I thrive on goals, I need targets to hit in order to feel that I am achieving.  This month I am running a mile a day.  I have tried to be the kind of person that enjoys running for the sake of running but sadly I am not a masochist.  But having a goal, a glorious end in sight (with an associated materialistic reward) makes pulling running shoes on at 6am, before lectures begin, seem slightly more do-able.  
The crux of my ramble is this; this blog has no goal, it is aimless.  Consequently, knowing in what direction to take it is feeling a little tricky right now.  So my fairly lean goal currently is simply to achieve consistency, consistent posting on consistent topics, consistently to make an effort, consistently to build TFB even if I am not sure what I am building.  I like it, consistency seems like a good aim.


So my consistent Wednesday is a foodie one, heck the excitement of my day is unpacking my good-karma-seasonal-and-local goods.  I emit pure smug for about thirty minutes, subsequently followed by two hours considering what to do with that many pears.  I think this recipe might just be the winner.


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