17 Sep 2012

The end of summer once again.

This is it, my last day of holiday.  The summer holidays are once more ending and it time to find my lunch box and pack my bag.  I have the long Sunday afternoon feeling right now.

This summer was a good one.  I have been able to see family both near and far, I have spent endless days by the sea and lost count of shooting stars, I have eaten home baked sourdough bread and sung the entirety of the Bohemian Rhapsody by the campfire with friends.  During the endless rain that made Cardiff feel a bit like Atlantis, I have made puzzles and discovered new music.  It has been a good summer.

I was also lucky enough to finally have the opportunity to play with a real grown-up camera and I have realised that I am at my happiest and most content when taking photographs.  Not a particularly deep revelation I suppose but as graduation is only a year away I have to start thinking about what happens next.

And, finally, what would a summer round up be without mentioning this little blog.  After a recent small dose of teenage-esque angst and sulking, I have finally realised that whilst this blog isn't all I hoped it would be by now, having a reason to push myself by writing, photographing, creating, everyday is no bad thing.


So roll on final academic year, lets hurry this one along so I can crack on with something new!

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