21 Sep 2012

On discovering Lino Printing.

lino2 lino3 lino1

I have just discovered Lino Printing.  I am both smitten and addicted (and not only because hacking into lino is more satisfying than popping bubble wrap - seriously).  I am fully aware that these first attempts are no great works of art and I have an awful long way to go before I am producing works like this or this but I genuinely can't think of the last time I enjoyed making something this much.
As you can see I tried making a print with my freshly carved lino but apparently using a dried up and shivelly ink pad instead of the lino inks and rollers is not a successful cost cutter.  My amazon wish list is spiralling out of control!
Secretly I am quite pleased with the trees and branches image, I just wish I had spaced it out a little better - it would have been nice to print a bundle of envelopes and fill in the address between the branches.  Having recently discovered this tumblr I have an overwhelming desire to crack on with the snail mail thing.

In the mean time....


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  1. I too just learned of lino printing and am also diving into print making. I'm definitely going to check out those books!