27 Sep 2012

Wednesday's food and a forgotten surprise.


The food box looks a little smaller this week, this is due in part to the fact that I forgot to unpack half of it for taking this picture and was too lazy to repeat the set up!
However, we seem to be in a bit of a vegetable box transition time, the boxes are feeling a little sparser each week.  I am eagerly awaiting the season of squashes to begin.  

This weeks meals include:

  • Sweet corn and leeks - this sweetcorn, leek and haddock chowder
  • Oranges - this Nigel Slater recipe for my favourite ever pudding.  Ever.
  • Bananas - depending on my baking enthusiasm might make it into these award winning cupcakes.
IMG_1860 IMG_1858

Also on my doorstep when I returned from lectures was this little package.  I bought a Zine from Kelly Zarb a couple weeks ago and then promptly forgot all about it, which made its ultimate arrival all the more exciting!  I so love getting post, but recently it has been nothing but spam or bills, so this felt like such a treat!  It is a beautiful little book about the strange world of Terrariums.  Plus the little koala on the stamp was pretty much the icing on the cake.  Thank you Kelly Zarb!

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  1. Hi Jai, I'm glad the little zine arrived safely and you enjoyed it!! I'm happy to bring a little sunshine to your day!