29 Sep 2012

Further lino cutting experiments.


So this lino malarkey...I'm still loving it!  It's certainly turning out to be a slow learning curve but the satisfaction (I repeat; think bubble wrap popping meets cheese-string peeling) totally makes up for how slow I am at learning.  This was my first attempt at carving a bigger picture.  I have always loved old wood carving images; one of my favourite books growing up was 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon' by Kay Nielson and I love that lino allows me the chance to try illustrating in the same manner.  I would love to learn to create such intricate images one day.
This picture is based on the maps I used to endlessly draw as a child.  My brother and I would 'prepare' them for the adventures we were planning (usually then conducted in our garden).  


(The tree trunk was a necessary addition following my neglect of the 'mirror image' rule regarding the writing that was supposed to fill the centre).

I am off to pack now for more camping - we are rapidly running out of appropriate camping weather and I intend to use every last second we have :)

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