24 Sep 2012

Adventures // Thailand.


This week I have had no new adventures to share.  Instead I want to share an older adventure.  These pictures aren't great; the quality isn't high and they were edited in my pre-photoshop days, but to me they are pretty glorious.  This was Thailand.  Our journey through was manic and dirty and exhausting, but it still  felt like an oasis of generous people, incredible food and outstanding beauty.  In Thailand we drank dark tea and ate Pad Thai every night, we spent fifteen hours on a bus sharing our seats with sacks of crying chickens & squirming frogs, we watched a hundred waves, counted a million stars, we kissed the feet of Buddha to make our wishes come true and we never slept.
Sitting here, looking through my pictures of Thailand, I feel homesick for our Gypsy days.  Strangely though, I do not miss the cockroaches.

. . .

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