7 Sep 2012

TGIFPJ (Thank gosh its Friday Project Day).

As it is already Friday, again, I thought I'd share a brief round up of my week through the delights of InstaCam.  The highlights were:

  • Attending a beautiful wedding in Cardiff Castle, filled with twinkly lights and bubbles
  • The construction of 'Fort Miskin' in our living room
  • A game of True American (the only way that grown ups can pretend that the floor is lava and jump on chairs whilst maintaining dignity)
  • Watching the sunset over the sea.


So, as I already shared my 'how to rescue a folder' thing early (we forgot to order our Riverford Box this week and consequently I had no vegetables to share) this week is just going to be a round up of the Trial-and-Errors going on in my flat.


Firstly I played with watercolours.  Lesson learnt: space out your letters first....this one will be being re-done as soon as I get a chance.  Also, excuse the horrendous over-processing, I took this on my phone and played with an app...and did not save the original.


Then no Blue Peter-esque afternoon is complete without a little potato stamping.  Lesson learnt:  A kitchen knife is no substitute for a decent craft knife when it comes to accuracy.  An investment will have to be made.



Finally I braved the making of a zippy wallet thing to keep all my 'on the go' notebooks, pens, paints etc as required.  I adapted the pattern from here to make it small enough to fit inside my handbag if required.  I really want to make a larger one to use as a clutch at some point soon.  Lesson learnt: Zips aren't so bad, but they need a little more time spent on them, this one is a little wonky.

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