8 Sep 2012

Ten Pound Date Day // A romantic dinner by the sea.

It has been a while since James and I had a Ten Pound Date day and this one might just be my favourite so far.  Last night, once James was done on placement and after my long pre-dissertation meeting, we headed towards the ocean.  We trekked across the treacherous shingle until we were far enough away from civilisation that the beach felt like our own, then we cooked pasta with our new camping stove (thanks mum!), played a game of chess which I won (for the first time ever in my entire life, ever) and then whilst James went surfing, I took the opportunity to paint.  Terribly.  
Then we hid under blankets as the sun set and then drove slowly home.  It felt pretty magical.

WP_000163  WP_000170 WP_000214 WP_000182 WP_000190 WP_000200

Petrol to the beach (according to google): £5.83 (pretty good for a romantic dinner date huh?)
All photos were taken on my Nokia - none too shabby for a camera phone!

As I have now exhausted the previous suggestions I was given, where else would you go on a Ten Pound Date?

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